Monday, October 28, 2013

On October 19th we had our final work day before Make A Difference Day! This work day took place on October 19th at the Valley Gem site.  The work day was from 9:00am-10:30am.  The main mission of the work on this Saturday morning was to prepare the area so it would be ready for planting onMake A Difference Day! Cierra Bloom, Whitley Trussler, Kalia Czigans and myself were the volunteers for the day and we worked with our community partners to make the vision a success.  On this particular Saturday I learned the importance of turning over the soil in order to remove all weeds and slugs from the flower beds.  We were able to clear all four planters and prepare the soil in the first planter! 

At the Valley Gem on October 19th!

Roommates Whitely and Kalia bonding while cleaning the soil
Cierra clearing her rake before continuing work
Emily removing the weeds from the flower beds

Leadership Lesson:  
This work day was the first time that weather was a concern in that it was very cold! While a little cold weather might not seem like a leadership lesson, it definitely is! The weather put a new challenge upon our followers and us as leaders in that we had to encourage each other more and more! In this situation it was important to use referent power and build the relationship between leaders, followers, and community partners.  The 19th also taught me that through my work with Marietta In Bloom I have developed a love for improving my transformational leadership qualities! In other words, I am striving to create, help, and inspire those around me to follow me in my vision!
Our group by the flower bed we were able to clear!

Bloom On, 
Emily Drabeck 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hello everyone! 
I just wanted to take a moment to reflect upon the last work day that took place at the Ft. Hamer site! The work day took place on October 9th and the main goal of the work was to clear half of the second planter.  In addition, we moved dirt to be cleared in the first planter.  Volunteers at the day consisted of Riley Osborn, Whitley Trusler, Colton McWain, and myself.  With successful team efforts we were able to complete all of the projected work within 2 hours! We would also like to thank Donis and Bob Yoder for their continued efforts in working with us! Also thank you to Diane Bruno for providing transportation to the work site.  It was exciting to know that the progress we made on the 9th greatly impacted the speed at which the project is moving.  With only one work day left till Make A Difference Day the excitement is building! 

Whitley and Riley pulling up flowers in Planter 2

Colton and Whitley prepping planter 2 for Make A Difference Day

Emily removing a plant with her favorite shovel! 

Leadership Lesson: While working at the Ft. Harmer site on the 9th I began to think about the concept of managing people.  At the site, I was the designated group leader and I had 3 volunteers "followers"with me.  After I explained the project goal, it was amazing to see how each person found their role within the project.  To me, this displayed that people do not always need to be micromanaged or have strong expert power over them.  In the task at hand by letting each person develop their own method the project was strengthened through creativity! 

October 9th volunteers! 

Bloom On, 
Emily Drabeck 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hi everyone, Cierra Bloom here!
There are 9 days and 10 hours until Make a Difference Day. I'm very excited to get the project officially underway! We've been working hard these past couple of weeks attending meetings, viewing sites, learning about plants, and preparing the sites for our planting. It will be very rewarding to see how all of the sites turn out once we're finished.
My favorite part of this project so far has definitely been meeting all of the wonderful people who are contributing to Marietta in Bloom. I wash't sure what to expect from this, but the second I met Mrs. Bruno, Roger Kalter, Bob and Donis Yoder, I couldn't wait to get started!
So far I have only attended the visiting of the sites and one day to learn how to plant at Fort Harmer, but I am going to work at the Valley Gem site this Saturday, as well. I've also helped Emily with some of the behind the scenes things such as, folding 500 brochures in a matter of an hour!
Cierra folding Marietta In Bloom brochures 

Leadership Lesson: 
Through this experience I've learned that by taking initiative to do something so small such as planting some flowers, a person can gain followers to help reach toward a common goal. All it takes is motivation to make a change and big things can happen. Frank Christy had the idea to beautify Marietta and now there are a lot more people on board and contributing.

Bloom On,
Cierra Bloom

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Since our last post there has been great progress upon our project!  I can't believe that it is already October and Make A Difference Day is right around the corner! In the past few weeks we have toured all of the Marietta In Bloom Sites with Diane Bruno, made initial impacts at the Ft. Harmer site, and met in a formal meeting with all of the Marietta In Bloom community partners.

When touring the six sites our group was amazed at the progress that had already been made and the condition that many of the areas are in.  We found it very interesting that each entry way to Marietta has vastly different conditions that affect the way many look at the city. In particular the North Gateway of the city will greatly benefit from the beautification due to lack of attention in the area! While the tour was only an hour, it gave us a greater understanding of the city and our project point.  We would like to thank Diane Bruno for taking time out of her day to provide us with this insight!

Our group at the skate park site. Left-Right: Emily, Tim, CJ, Cierra

CJ learning about the Elephant Ear Plant at the Valley Gem site

On September 28th, we held our first work day! CJ was the team leader for the work day. Her team made a wonderful impact at the Ft. Harmer site.  Look for a reflection about CJ's experience soon!

Last week on October 3rd, I was honored and pleases to represent our group at the formal Marietta In Bloom Meeting that took place at 1:00 at the Microtel Hotel in Marietta.  At the meeting I found it very interesting to see the workings of a formal meeting.  The amount of "behind the scenes" work that is put in by each of the community partners really inspired me to take my thoughts about service one step farther.  At the meeting we also finalized work days and what will be done at the work days.  I found the meeting to be very productive and look forward to possibly attending the next meeting on October 16th!

Leadership Lesson:  
Throughout the past two weeks I have been awakened to the idea that as a leader one must create an open healthy environment for communication.  In both the tour and the meeting, there was a healthy environment that provided me with the ability to ask questions, feel involved, and learn.  Also, in the tour with Diane Bruno she stressed that the work in the North Gateway of giving each home a flower to take care of gives the residents a purpose.  Through a purpose we are all able to find unity with each other and make a difference.
Be sure to look for these signs around Marietta! 
Bloom On, 
Emily Drabeck 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There are 31 days till Make a Difference Day but the work has already begun! Last week we met with the our community partners that will work with us to help make Marietta In Bloom a success.  The community partners are members of the Marietta Community and have a wealth of knowledge to offer. The first meeting with our community partners took place on September 16th and we were able to learn more about the Marietta In Bloom project! The project started approximately 4 months ago with the unending work of the community partners.  On Monday September 16th we were able to learn how we will be able to contribute to the project and ask questions.  In addition, we were able to visit the first site of Ft. Harmer Drive to get a feel for the area.  Our next meeting was planned for September 23rd.

Yesterday on September 23rd Cierra and myself were able to go with Donis and Bob Yoder, community partners, to get a hands on demonstration.  At the demonstration we visited the Ft. Harmar Drive site and learned how to remove plants from the beds and place newspaper around planted plants to prevent weeds.  This demonstration was important because it gave us the chance to learn the proper techniques in order to lead our volunteers on volunteer work days.

Leadership Lesson:  
Today the importance of the relationship between followers and leaders was illuminated.  Within the Marietta In Bloom project our group must know when to act as leaders to our volunteers and each other and also as followers to the community partners.  This relationship helps to explain the fact that sometimes it is necessary to step up and to step back. When working with the master gardeners it is necessary for the group to step back to be able to learn from their knowledge.  In contrast though, we must also try to step up in order to bring a new perspective and youthful light to the project.

Some of the root bulbs pulled that will be transplanted at a different site.

Emily (Left) and Cierra (Right) working in the flower bed at Ft. Harmar Drive.

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow" ~ Audrey Hepburn
Bloom On,
Emily Drabeck
Welcome to the Make a Difference Day blog of group 3! The goal of this space is to track our work and accomplishments on the Make a Difference Day project in which we are completing for Leadership 101 at Marietta College!
Our group decided to choose the community project of Marietta In Bloom.  The basic premise of the project is to beautify the city of Marietta, Ohio with plants at the entry ways of the city in order to enhance its attractiveness and increase the interest within the city.  Through working with community partners and volunteers we will learn leadership techniques in a hands on environment.  Make a Difference Day takes place on October 26th as a national initiative for service.  While October 26th is the pinpoint day of the project, the much work  has and will take place in the preceading weeks.

Follow us on our journey to making a difference in the city of Marietta, Ohio through our work with Marietta In Bloom!

Bloom On,
Emily Drabeck

"Always do your best, what you plant now will bloom later." ~Og Mandino